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2012 IBOP

POY – SPOY – Feature Picture Story – Portrait – Sports Portrait – Sports Feature – Nature – Cell Phone – Spot News – General News – Sports Picture Story – News Picture Story – Pictorial – Nato – Election – Enterprise – Sports Action

2012 ISBOP

Student Photographer of the Year – Picture Story – Sports Feature – Sports Action – Portrait – Pictorial – News – Feature

2011 IBOP
2011 ISBOP

2011 IBOM


1st: Train Hits Car by Joseph P. Meier (SouthtownStar Newspaper)
Comments: Train v. Car is the only video I felt good about and that was mainly because it was concise in a way that matched the short nature of the event. Overall, this was a hard category to judge because the videos are largely about relaying information like an evening television spot.

48 Hours
1st: Ethan and Seth by Lance Booth (Northwest Herald)
2nd: Behind the scenes at the John Deere Classic by Stephanie Veto (The Dispatch & The Rock Island Argus)
3rd: JFL Football by Nick Adams (The Register-Mail)
Honorable Mention: Mother of Scot by Amanda Schwengel (Freelance)
Ethan and Seth was the standout piece. It’s editing, use of sound, story, and the visual presentation of the entire piece made it for me. There were some secondary standouts, too. The confectioner’s piece had excellent video editing and timed its cuts very well. Being A Girl was interesting in how it presented its audio component, although the visuals left me wanting. The Deere Groundskeepers piece was really well put together, too. Audio, visuals, story, etc. JFL football used a lot of stills, but they were excellent and the transition between still and video worked for me.

1st: Chicago Occupies by Heather Charles (Chicago Tribune)
2nd: Beyond the Game by Lance Booth (Northwest Herald)
3rd: Visible Man by Nick Adams (The Register-Mail)
Comments: This was the most pleasurable category to judge. Two standouts –Beyond the Game and Chicago Occupies. Chicago Occupies’ presentation and concept really moved me and displayed a degree of flexibility that I think is important in a business that often overlooks it. The audio and video editing was top-notch. Beyond the Game is a nice work overall. The story is engaging, the audio is well done, and the visuals are spot on. Lance does nice work with his use of music, too. Visible Man was interesting with good production, but probably not at the same level as the other two.

Team Project
1st: 10 remember Sept. 11, 2001 by Heather Charles (Chicago Tribune)
Honorable Mention: Bird’s Eye View by Todd Mizener (The Dispatch & The Rock Island Argus)
Honorable Mention: Day in the Life of a Brewer by Brad Meyer (Goose Island Beer Co.)
Comments: Bird’s Eye View has an interesting concept and was executed in an engaging way. “Day in the Life of a Brewer” had nice visuals and clean editing but needed a deeper purpose or narrative to be something I would place. Overall, I could watch it without the audio track and be happy. Tracking it to a song removed a lot of dimension and potential from the piece, though. Perhaps a consideration for future pieces would be to develop a secondary audio skillset.


48 Hour
1st: A Tour of The Aluminum Overcast: A WWII B-17 Bomber by Joshua Beckman (The Daily Illini)
2nd: Memories of The B-17 Bomber by Joshua Beckman (The Daily Illini)

1st: Overcoming His Past by Patrick Traylor (Ohio University)
2nd: Life Is A Cabaret by Joshua Beckman (The Daily Illini)

Team Project
1st: The Light of the Neighborhood by Stacie Scott (Columbia College Chicago)
2nd: Finding the Golden Ticket by Stacie Scott (Columbia College Chicago)
3rd: The Book Connoisseur by Stacie Scott (Columbia College Chicago)

Multimedia Journalist of the Year

1st: Heather Charles (Chicago Tribune)

2nd: Lance Booth (Northwest Herald)

3rd: Nick Adams (The Register-Mail)

Honorable Mention: Amanda Schwengel (Freelance)