Midwest Photo Summit Speaker – Geoffrey Hiller


The photographer Geoffrey Hiller has been published in magazines in the USA, Europe, and Japan including Geo, Newsweek, Mother Jones and the New York Times Magazine. He has completed dozens of photo essays in Asia, Latin America, Europe and West Africa and was on the staff of the Brazilian edition of National Geographic for two years. His award-winning multimedia projects about Vietnam, Eastern Europe, Ghana, Burma, and Brazil have earned recognition from Apple Computer, The Christian Science Monitor and USA Today. He has received grants from the Paul Allen Foundation, the California Arts Council, Regional Arts and Culture Council in Portland, Oregon, among others. Hiller was a Fulbright Scholar in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2008-2009. He is currently the editor of the blog Verve Photo: The New Breed of Documentary Photographer. Most recently he has been working as an international media trainer in India, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia and Pakistan. His home is in Portland, Oregon.

Since 1987, Hiller has traveled to Burma several times to document the resilient people of this isolated Buddhist country. In 2000 he produced a multi-media web documentary Burma: Grace Under Pressure which has been viewed by millions. During his latest trips in 2013 and 2015 Hiller traveled in the country for five months, at a time of historic events with the opening of the government and the return of Aung San Suu Kyi to politics. He was able to openly shoot interview footage as well as take photographs.


Bride waiting for groom at Beauty Salon Meiktila, Myanmar